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3 Trollius of OUR choice for 15

3 Trollius of OUR choice for £15



(Ranunculaceae). Globeflower. Genus of about 24 species of buttercup-like, hairless, spring to summer flowering, clump forming, herbaceous perennials. From moist or wet meadows in cool-temperate areas of Europe, Asia and North America. They produce numerous fibrous roots and basal rosettes of stalked, palmately lobed leaves. Shiny foliage carved into small sections. Globe buttercup-like flowers with tissue-like petals fashion an exquisite, nearly double, shallow open cup. Erect stems bear terminal solitary spherical to bowl-shaped flowers with reduced or linear, petal like sepals, nectary-bearing petals and numerous stamens. Thrive besides pools and streams but will also grow happily in borders. Cut back stems hard after first flush of flowers to encourage further blooming. Moist soils in sun or part shade best

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