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Delphinium - Perennial

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Delphinium - Perennial

(Ranunculaceae) Genus of about 250 species of perennial, grown for spikes of irregularly cup-shaped, some hooded spurred flowers. Found mainly in mountainous areas worldwide, except Australia and polar regions. They have fibrous, fleshy or tuberous roots. Basal leaves are toothed, 3-5 lobed. Grouped into 3 -
Belladonna Group are perennial, upright branching spikes, with cap shaped single flowers early and late summer. Ht 1.2m/3-4'
Elatum Group are clump forming perennials with fleshy crowns and flowering spikes in early and midsummer. Single, semi-double or double flowers and an 'eye' These are the most commonly grown in gardens. Ht 1.5-2m/5-6'
Pacific Hybrids are similar to Elatum but usually grown as annuals or biennials. Semi double flowers early and midsummer. Ht 1.7m/5.5'
In spring, remove thin growths from well established plants leaving 5-7 strong shoots. Remove flower spikes when faded, for a second flush late summer. Ideal for back of the border and for cut flowers. May need staking.

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