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Five Iris of OUR choice for 25

Five Iris of OUR choice for £25



Genus of about 300 species of upright, rhizomatous or bulbous perennials, some evergreen, grown for their distinctive flowers. Found in a wide range of habitats in the N. hemisphere.
BEARDED IRIS the most popular group. Thick rhizomes, which like to be on the soil surface to receive a good baking. Most soils tolerated if well drained. Very tough. Ideally plant between July and mid October. Full sun best. Do not feed as they will thrive on poor soil. Split in Aug/September. Discard old central rhizomes and replant younger ones individually.
SIBIRICA types good in damp places and rough grass, ENSATA requires moisture and good drainage in winter. INNOMINATA are shade lovers, May flowering, evergreen and calcifuge (dislike lime).

Supplied in 9cm pots or bare root depending on time of year

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