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Westcountry Achillea - Perennial

Westcountry Achillea - Perennial

Named after Achilles who is said to have first used the plant medicinally, these large herbaceous plants native to most of Europe,West Asia and Himalayas have also naturalised in North America Australia and New Zealand.

They enjoy a sunny spot on any soil, flowering from May to October and sit particularly well with grasses. In fact in their natural environment, they are found growing in meadows and dry grassy places. Add to this their tolerance of poor soils (stony and chalky), drought tolerance and hardiness to -25C little more could be asked of this plant. The upright feathered foliage adds a transparency to the clumps formed whilst the compound umbellifera flowers sit like huge plates above in an increasing range of colours. They make good cut flowers too.

All those offered are of the millefolium group with a height of 60cm (2’) and spreading to 30cm (1’).

About 85 species

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