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Wisteria sinensis 'Caroline'

Wisteria sinensis 'Caroline'



Climber. Lilac-blue flowers have a wonderful fragrance and are freely produced mid May. Sun or part shade. Eventual ht 9m/20'. Sold in 1l pots

(Leguminosae/Papilionaceae). Wisteria. Genus of about 10 species of deciduous, woody-stemmed, twining climbers, grown for their spectacular flowers. Found in moist woodland and on streambanks in China, Korea, Japan and C. and S. USA. They have alternate, pinnate, dark green leaves with elliptic leaflets. Cultivated for their showy, pea-like, fragrant flowers borne in pendent racemes in May through to July, and again in August and September followed with decorative bean like velvety green seed pods. Stems twine anticlockwise around the support. Good for walls, pergolas and for growing against buildings and trees. Plant roots in shade, or pile rocks and stones around the base of the trunk to stop the soil drying out. Water well in dry, hot periods. Prune after flowering and again in late winter.

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