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Polypodium  Fern

Polypodium Fern

(Polypodiaceae). Polypody. Genus of about 75 species of mostly evergreen ferns mainly from tropical regions of the USA, Central America and South America but also from temperate and other tropical regions. Found growing on trees, rocks, walls or well drained banks and sand dunes. They are cultivated for their sculptural fronds which are usually lance-shaped, simple to pinnatifid or pinnate. Young herringbone like fronds develop early summer. The creeping rhizomes are covered with copper coloured scales.

They will put up with drier conditions than most ferns such as dry shade. Evergreen, easy and tough - looking best in winter. Excellent groundcover. Some will grown on rock gardens others in mixed borders or banks. You will see it growing out of the trunks of old trees in a wood.

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