Spring is here and lupins are budding up for Malvern Flower show

Spring, sun and birdsong

Finally we have some sun after what seems the longest and wettest winter ever.  As I stand outside the lush, thick grass is growing although the ground is still too wet to risk the lawnmower. A blue tit is busy building his nest in the Lidl birdhouse (recent birthday present from a friend) outside my office window. She is thrilled he has already occupied her des res present. Today I have watched as he has been chipping away at the opening, removing the decor to his own taste. I wonder why. Blue is after all his colour.  Bumble bees are taking advantage of the first nectar of spring.  There is a welcome warmth on my back and the dirt under my fingernails is a welcome sign that I have been sowing seeds ready for the months to come.

There are welcome shades of green in the hedges from the early hawthorn and the garden is springing to life.  The first delicate pink blossom is out on the cherries, purple aubretia is tumbling down the rockery and faint tinges of colour can be seen on the tightly closed tulip heads, a premonition of their glories to come.  Daisies are dotted across the lawn and the first magnolias are parading their ostentatious blooms.  They are such transient plants I can’t begrudge them their show boating.

In shady areas hellebores and cyclamen cover the ground, their beautiful creamy, yellow and purple heads a haven for early bees.  Elsewhere vibrant orange, pink and purple polyanthus compete to give the most colourful display.

In the greenhouse lobelia seeds are under glass and the first spring sown sweet peas are nestling next to their autumn planted sisters.  Last year’s dahlia tubers have been given re-potted and given their first drink.  I never sow them direct into the ground because I forget where I have put them and find myself hoeing their emerging tips in a spate of over-enthusiastic weeding.  It seems much better to start them off in a pot and then to transfer them once you can see what you are doing.

Inside ladybirds have woken up from their wintry hibernation and need to be coaxed out of open windows into the garden where they will be a defence against the unwelcome greenfly later in the year.

Preparations for Malvern Spring Flower Show 10th – 13th May

We are well underway – we have lots of different varieties of Epimedium, Geum, lupins and other herbaceous perennials on the go. The display lupins finally have some buds and the warmer days are pushing on growth at a rapid pace.

In the adjacent field the wild daffodils with their dainty lemon-yellow heads are dying down, their heads swelling with seed. My huge tubs of mixed daffodils from Scamp in Cornwall are resplendent on the verhanda despite the changeable weather. A little battered but so vibrant and colourful. Young lambs born in the farm next door are gambolling in the fields, tearing round as fast as their spindly legs will allow, playing king of the castle, taking it in turns to knock each other off the coveted highest spot.

Things to do this month:

Sow vegetable and flowers seeds in a greenhouse or cold frame; plant onions, garlic and early potatoes; plant spring bedding plants to bring welcome colour

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Westcountry Lupins RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Between 22nd and 26 May 2018 – The RHS Chelsea Flower show will be with us once more featuring an array of beautiful featured gardens all looking for that top honour of Best display. Other awards during the show include best city garden, best floral arrangements, best trade stands and many more.

The Chelsea Flower show is a great day out for anyone that’s a gardener lover, just like the team at Westcountry Lupins, who’ll once again be entering with our colourful Lupin Flower display.

Westcountry Lupins Wins Gold – RHS Chelsea Flower Show

In 2015, Westcountry Lupins won our 3rd gold medal at the Chelsea Flower Show including our deep purple Lupinus ‘Masterpiece’ which was much in evidence in many of the show gardens and even behind the presenters for the BBC coverage.

Westcountry Lupins -Chelsea Flower Show Display
Westcountry Lupins -Chelsea Flower Show Display

All our Lupins are arranged at Chelsea Flower Show by Westcountry Lupins own, Sarah Conibear, Director and Founder of Westcountry Nurseries. As a company we have an excellent track record and are also three times Chelsea gold medallists and Gardeners’ World Live, won for our now infamous lupin displays at the Royal Horticultural Society flower shows.

Westcountry Lupins – RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018

This year we’re going to be at the Chelsea Flower again after a break and we’re looking forward to once again showcasing our Lupin displays. Most importantly the opportunity to meet and greet visitors to our stand and to showcase our flower displays and answer questions about our Lupins and the many other great flowers we grow and sell on our website. Besides that we will have lots of mixed lupin seed and plug plants of our very best lupins for you to buy and take home as a souvenir of your lovely day at the show. We guarantee a rainbow of colours for you to photograph or do selfies!

Lastly we will also have a competition flier where you can WIN  a £50.00 Voucher! Simply name and post a picture of your favourite Lupin on Facebook or Instagram including #WestCtryNursery and #lupins or use Twitter and include @WestCtryNursery #lupins for your chance to win before the draw on 28th June 2018. Winner will be announced on social media and our website. A recent article in Devon Life gives a preamble to our preparations.